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We are committed to the breed, we work and strive every day to offer our experience and knowledge in the service of the Catalan Sheepdog.

The health and well-being of the Gos d’Atura Català is our DNA, we work to preserve and constantly improve the well-being of the breed and that you can receive the best information and collaboration. People are the most important thing, the opinions of our partners make ADIGAC a more open and participatory community.


We are a dynamic and enthusiastic group that wants the Gos d’Atura Català in order to preserve the breed with its original morphology, character, health and typicality.


The diffusion and dissemination of the breed globally. Put the race back in its rightful place or in the past. Promotion of the race in activities such as work, sports or other recreational or therapeutic activities.

Take care of genetics and character, especially in breeders, to deal with the future of the breed. Apply 21st century science and technology to the service of the breed.


With an equal and experienced Board Managing the entity in a transparent and altruistic way in an inclusive way and open to the proposals of partners.

Acting with seriousness and professionalism with the help of experts: veterinarians, geneticists and ethologists.

With the passion that unites us to the Gos d’Atura Català.


We are passionate about our breed and we love what we do and why we do it. Together we form a team that lives and breathes for the Gos d’Atura Català.


People are the most important thing, the opinions of our members make the team better, and so ADIGAC is a more plural and participatory Association.


We have been linked to the Gos d’Atura Català for over 35 years; we love the breed and we work to make that knowledge available to everyone.

Board of Directors


We have been linked to the Catalan Sheepdog for many years, we love the breed and we work to make this passion available to everyone.
Elena Colls
In the early 70's and in front of the evidence that the only native breed of dog in our country, was in danger of extinction; I make the decision to contribute to its recovery and diffusion. I started looking dogs through farmhouses and pastures, to gather a few specimens as a basis for starting the recovery of the breed. Then came the “Campdura” affix, the improvement and selection of specimens and their subsequent national and international dissemination.
Founder of the first Club of the breed, Specialist Judge and gold medalist of the Royal Canine Society of Spain.

Mireia Matabosch
I am a lover of animals and an enthusiast of the Catalan Sheepdog since I can remember. I had my first dog in the year 2000 and started breeding in 2010. Since then my fascination and experience in the breed has grown. I started in the Canine exhibitions of Morphology and Beauty, exhibiting my dogs and learning as a ring comissioner and principal. Working to make this extraordinary breed known and preserving its health and character traits, which make it so special, are my goals.
Mercedes Debat
More than 13 years ago I started breeding Catalan Sheepdogs in Switzerland and it became my passion. I was also a member of the breeding committee at the Swiss breed club, for many years.
We now live in Catalonia in an environment with a wonderful landscape and suitable for our race. My vision is to raise healthy, balanced dogs.
Ana Simón
We have always had animals at home, including dogs. My husband Marc, is passionate about the Catalan Sheepdog and it's been 20 years since the first one arrived, since then we are already two passionate about the breed. In 2017 we went one step further in responsible breeding and raising awareness of this wonderful breed. We work so that they have health, good character and instinct.
Francesc Segura
Childhood memories are indelible. From a very young age I was sent to fetch fresh milk from uncle Marcellin's dairy farm. As they filled my milk jug and the fire in the fireplace crackled, I remember that serene look, that expression of the Catalan Sheepdog. In 1988 at the age of 18 I already owned my first dog. For years, as a breeder, I continue to enjoy and share with my family the company of the Catalan Sheepdog.
Jose Luis de la Torre
I grew up with Félix Rodríguez de la Fuente and his TV reports such as the wolf of “El hombre y la tierra” and his field notebooks have marked my life. The fascination with nature and animals has always accompanied me and I participate in the breeding of a few species with which we live, I can not imagine my life without this company. The Gos d'Atura Català has been with me since my honeymoon, in which, visiting Fogars de Montclús, we ended up with “Drac” that accompanied us for 17 years and from which we have descendants who have reached national and international champions.
Marc Massana
Ever since I was a child, I have always loved animals and life in nature. Since 1996 is when I rediscover my great passion, dogs. From here we grew up as a hobby alongside my life partner Ana. In addition to the experience of all these years I have been training and continue to attend seminars on education, training, genetics and grazing. 20 years after having our first Catalan Sheedog, the more I know the breed the more I am passionate about it. That's why in 2017 we had our first Catalan Sheepdog litter. Our goal is to continue maintaining the characteristics of this breed: health, good character, typicality and something very important such as maintaining and enhancing work skills!
Isabel Gomis
I have had a Catalan Sheepdog since 1988. I had my first litter with the affix “Sisdits” in 1990, when I was living abroad.
Since then, I have always had several dogs of the breed at home.
I have traveled to several European countries to judge, participate in exhibitions, promote and advise clubs and breed lovers.

Josep Martin Bonaga
We’ve always had dogs at home; Caniche, Terranova, Pastor de Bergamasco, Spanish Mastiff, but who changed our lives was: “Gresca”, our first Catalan Sheepdog, in 1986. For her we have been fervent followers of the Dog World ever since.
Agility, tracking, obedience and training, herding competitions, exhibitions, and, above all, selective breeding of catalan sheepdogs with the premises of health, character, beauty and rusticity. Along with Esperanza López Madrid, our Children and Grandchildren. A whole life dedicated and enjoying this unsurpassed breed.
ADIGAC - Alta socios - Alta socis - Gos d'Atura Català

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